US-J1 Internship Trainee Program

Project Introduction:

Intern & Trainee Program is approved by Department of State(DOS) to provide an opportunity to participate in US corporate professional skill training and on-the-job training. During their stay, participants can improve their knowledge and technique, better understand American culture and society. In the meantime, promote the cultural understanding between America and other countries. Designated by DOS, this J-1program is safe and attractive to participants all over the world, which help more and more students realize their dream working in the US.
Participate this project, you can:
1. Provide customized training plan
2. Experience the pure American English and make friends with them
3. Improve both your ability to live independently and professional skills
4. With good internship allowance to support your life in America
5. 1-2 days off per week to allow you have enough time to explore cities and culture in America
6. Enjoy delicious food from all over the world
7. Have your techniques improved and come back with big employment advantages

Hotel options(partial list only):
What we have now:
F&B department
Culinary department


1. A related major graduate or undergraduate.
2.Physically fit and be able to stay in US for a certain period of time
3. Good command of English language
Application process:
1. Application confirmation( to make sure you apply for J-1 program and guarantee you are able to finish the whole contract)
2. Prescreen( English/personality/skill test included)
3. Interview( Arrange interview from hotel), visa application
4. Provide assistance and guidance before starting internship program in America