Crew Travel Services

Taking care of your crew travelling needs on ticket-booking

In order to make your international travelling more convenient, we specially provide you with crew travelling ticket-booking service. In contrast to regular flying ticket, you can enjoy lots of benefits as below:

  1. Low Travelling Cost.

In terms of the ticket price, crew ticket can be very competitive with air-company's special sales price, and may also be changeable and refundable, .which may save crew lots of trouble and money in event of itinerary changes. Please contact airline partners for conditions.

2. Extra Luggage allowance with Certain Airline Partners.

Most airline carriers only provide a 20 kgs check-in language allowance for international traveler; however, with valid seaman book and ID, your crew ticket can avail you up to 40 kgs allowance. Considering that you will be away from home for over 6 months, higher carrying allowance will give you more space to pack your personal belongs.Please check with airline partners for details.

3. All-in-one Booking Service with Sealand.

From the moment you receive your ship assignment, we can help you to book flight ticket without additional charge. It is common when ship itinerary, joining port, or another other unexpected situations happens, we can make adjustment for you accordingly without any additional charge.