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STCW training (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping)

STCW/Maritime training is a compulsory training program for all Chinese seafarers as stipulated in the PRC Crew Regulations, People's Republic of China Crew Training Management Regulation, People's Republic of China Seafarers Competency Examination and Certification Regulations and the relevant international maritime conventions that China has signed and agreed to comply with. It is a series of training for all seafarers involved in maritime industry. At the end of the training, seafarers have to pass the written exam and practical exam in order to obtain the appropriate crew training certificates to be eligible to work in luxury cruise ships.

“People's Republic of China Crew Management Regulations", Article V,
seafarers shall satisfy the following conditions:

(A) between 18 yrs old- 60 yrs old
(B) complies with the basic health requirements for crew members
(C) follows basic safety crew training and examination by the Maritime Bureau

Four basic certificates obtained after the STCW training:

1. BST–Basic Safety Training certificate (Z01)
2. SAT -Security Awareness Training certificate (Z07)
3. International ships' crew English Training
4. Passenger ship crew special training certificate (T06)

Xiamen Maritime Safety Administration
No. 24 Xi Touxia Huang Cuo, Siming district
Xiamen city Fujian province

Skills training

Short-term skills training such as Western culinary arts, intensive sales training and F&B training have been managed by renowned and respected leaders in their particular field.